Scanner for Me + OCR App Reviews

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Great App

I love how it allows me to scan multiple documents at one time and combine them all into one PDF. Great mobile copier!

Great app quick fix for when you’re away from the office.

Great app.. must have


Scans perfectly!

Takes the place of a fax for me

99% of the time, this app works great for me. Every now and then a little hitch and I will have to manually snap the picture to scan. But for someone who needs the ability to send from my iPad when traveling - this helps me out tremendously. There’s always room for improvement in everything. But so far, this has been a true help for me.

Fair product. Not professional at all

Try this product I’m trying to copy some affidavits. I put plenty of white paper and back of it and my affidavit is very clearly type written. The scanner does not produce a white copy there is some kind of coloring that I do not like. The app it just does not look professional. I am going to try another product I am not going to purchase this product. This is good if you are not doing anything important and just want to PDF. If you have no reason to have a beautiful legal looking document this product will work fine for you

Excellent device

Treamendous tool . I can not live without it

Great Business and Personal Solution.

This is one of the most useful apps I have on my phone. I use it to upload documents for job applications, business transactions and all kinds of personal stuff. This app is awesome.


Love the convenience of it.

Handiest App

I use this app all the time because it is just so easy and reliable.

Scanner for me is a very excellent app

I have used this app for a while and I found it to be very excellent for what they claim it to do. I am very satisfied with all aspects of it, and I especially find the ability to message my scanned document or image very useful.

Cropping doesn’t work.

Every time I go to crop a photo I get the edges just right then it resets. Useless app until this is fixed.

Simple and easy to use

It just does the job for me. I have used this for 3 years now. I still use it.

Scanner app

This app is worked really well I’m impressed I’m a computer technician and I have to send documents all the time when I complete work and this makes my job 100% easier thanks for the app!!

Not working

Doesn’t work very good. It use to.


Very useful to scan documents

Efficiency Plus!

Love the Scanner App Fast, clear, easy. Why can’t everything be this great? Kathryn Hogan KMH Eco Dental Canada ??????

Best scanning app

Amazingly good image with the ability to crop. I use it all the time. Great tool.

CEO King’s Medical Supplies and DME

This is so convenient and easy to use. I was getting ready to run to Fed Ex and remembered that I had this app. This idea is genius!!!


Too difficult to crop

Not worth the money

If only a zero star existed. From all of the positive reviews, I decided to bite the bullet and spend the $6 or $7 for this app. What a waste! I have to resort back to my free scanner to get a good copy. The picture quality is mediocre (and that’s just for a black and one copy); when scanning, the picture shows the color of the table top around the edges of the document which is the color of the desk that the paper was laid on; no matter how steady a hand, the picture comes out crooked; and I could go on. This purchasing blunder just reconfirmed the reason I don’t normally pay for apps. Lesson learned!

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