Scanner for Me + OCR App Reviews

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Great App

The scanner does the job well, very useful when you’re on the go.


Its nice to be able to organize the documents alphabetically.



No more lost receipts

No more kitchen drawer filled with receipts and warranties that are never there when I need them. All these receipts and warranties are now in my iCloud.

Business owner

Life savor


Great for everyone.

Must have app!!

This app makes my life so much easier!!


It integrates well with iCloud and other clouds, and allows you to import other PDFs, but its OCR quality is poor.

Sends wrong files in email

This used to work great. Until the last update. Now it sends the wrong files. I scan the pages I need to send, hit the check mark to finish. Then click on share button and mail. I type the recipient and subject lines. Then send. Like I said, I’ve never had a problem until the recent update. Now I’m always getting called and yelled at for the correct files. Which I find in the software and resend, then verify they have the right files. If this continues to be a problem, I will be looking to invest in another app that can send the correct files.

OCR 언어 한국어 지원 안됨

이런 젠장! 한국어 지원이 된다고해서 구입했는데, 메뉴만 한국어고, OCR 언어에 한국어는 지원하지 않음.

Thank you

Best app ever ! No more running home or to Kinkos or library to fax or scan I can do this anywhere so convenient! Thank you


Never seems to work right. Camera on phone is better. I had high hopes but hasn’t met any yet.

Good App

Works great!!

Great App

I am so glad that I am having this App. Easy, quick and perfect. My five star.


It told me setup a email account. But where and how to setup?

Unusable for me

Chronic crash while cropping large page count documents. Support offered no solution, except restart phone - no help.

Not worth the money

By far the worst edge detection out of any mobile scanner app I’ve tried. Completely hit or miss even on black backgrounds. Images are downsampled so even if you get a sharp capture your documents still end up blurry because the resolution is so low. Its one saving grace, and the reason I bought it, is because it is the fastest scanner app I’ve used. Unfortunately its other defects make it unusable for me.

A little confusing at first.

I’m not sure my letter was faxed to my life insurance company since their is no personal contact information. But, it seems to do the job.

Mixed review

I had great hopes for this app. While it does work when you finally are able to capture the document you are trying to send, I have not had any luck with the automatic version in the smooth video that sold me on this product. Anyway, I’m not a giant volume user so it’s not that big a deal but I would have liked to have used it more for every day scanning.

Amazing, easy and convenient

Best scanner app out there. Easy to use quick, scan in seconds! The app does everything for you, all you do is make sure you have the document in view. The app scans and crops the doc perfectly.

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